Hello and welcome to www.thevolny.net. I created this website to act as a central repository to publish about things I find interesting that are to long or technical to publish to social media services. Enjoy browsing!

The above was BS. I don't actually use this site for anything anymore. sigh...

Recent News

Print screen

Print screen key, folks don't know how to use it sometimes.

Chasing in Circles

The story of my life...


Wedding Website Goes Live

So I launched another site under this Drupal install-base for Denise and my upcoming wedding, DeniseAndChris.com. It was a cakewalk to setup by doing the following:

Google Chrome Caching in RAM

So I am having a couple problems with my /home file system this weekend and wanted to put some of the burden of Google Chrome's aggressive caching off of that filesystem (and with it off of NFS). I figure the ideal arrangement for my desktop would be a 1GB in-RAM filesystem for caching that I can just setup on boot and symlink Chrome's cache directory there (I'm making a big assumption that this is always going to be there, we'll see if that's an issue later).

Another Drupal + OpenShift Website

So I recently switched consulting strategies for Drupal website setup after having such an easy time setting up thevolny.net. I had a chance to test this out on the project for a couple friends of mine using this website as an install base.

Website Goes Live

So the website is back up and running on the OpenShift cloud server. I'm pretty happy with the setup so I figured I'd write about it here.